Concept, Design and Pitching a Product: The Drywall Axe

Concept, Design and Pitching a Product: The Drywall Axe

Adam Pauze is from Aurora, ON and he is the inventor of the Drywall Axe, a multi function tool that makes cutting drywall and other materials safer and easier.

Two and a half years ago he was working on a drywall job when he accidently took a slice out of his arm cutting a piece of drywall. Later that same evening he came up with the concept for the drywall axe. Not knowing how to bring his concept to reality he turned to the internet. Being new to the invention process he chose a company that promised him success but after taking his money did very little to help his cause, no patent and a prototype that looked like it was widdled out of a piece of wood with a jack knife.

Not knowing where to turn with his invention he caught a huge break when his friend owner of TRI-RIK painting was doing a job for Robert Dickie owner of Spark Innovations. A 24 year old award winning Industrial Design company with over 180 issued patents located in King City, ON. After the introduction with Bob Dickie everything started to fall into place. Spark Innovations helped him file for his utility patent ; made him award winning prototypes, build his website , and took care of all his graphics for the two trade shows he attended last year.

The first trade show Adam attended was INPEX in Pittsburgh where he won a gold medal of merit for his display (Spark Innovations did the graphics). Second trade show was the Electronic Retail Association trade show in Las Vegas where he won inventor of the year in the new product search category for the Drywall Axe.

At INPEX Pittsburgh he was able to pitch his product to the Global Development manager of Stanley tools. He was very impressed and invited him to corporate head office to show his invention. Adam is currently in negotiations with them. He is also in talks with Canadian Tire and has a letter of intent for a purchase order with Home Hardware who also invited him to their invitation only trade show.


After showing his invention to a few Global companies they all came back with the same complaints, the blade doesn’t retract, it’s too bulky, and the tape measure is too long. Taking their advice Spark Innovation and Adam went back to the drawing board and redesigned the Drywall Axe with all the changes mentioned. We believe we got it right this time and so do the companies were in talks with. This year one or more of these companies will have this innovative new multi-tool invention in their line up.



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