Our product development company, Pauze Innovations, was established in 2009 by Adam Pauze (President).  Adam worked in the construction field for over 20 years and in the health care field for 10 years.  After a serious cut to his arm on a drywall project, he came up with an idea for a new tool that would make drywall jobs and other projects faster and safer.  His invention, the “DRYWALL AXE,” led him on a journey into the product development business.

His journey was not as straightforward as he had hoped. The product development process took many different twist and turns with product development companies trying to empty his pockets with promises of getting his product on store shelves.  After spending far too much time and money with unscrupulous product development companies, Adam found his way to success on his own.

With this hard-won experience, Adam and his team would like to share their expertise with you.  Pauze Innovations is geared towards the little inventor with a big idea.  Our team consist of mechanical engineers, industrial designers, electrical engineers, Logistics and Sourcing departments, and sales and Marketing.  We use a reputable patent attorney firm in partnership with Spark Innovations Inc. who have issued over 200 patents since 1989.  Pauze Innovations prides itself on customer satisfaction and will work around the clock to make your invention a success.

Adam Pauze

Pauze Innovations